"Home Alone" is such a favorite and it's all over TV this time of the year. We all know that paint-cans-to-the-face would probably kill someone, but what do doctors say about all the attacks the Wet Bandits suffer?

We found a website that found out what would really happen!


  • 1

    Shot in the face with a BB gun

    While it would hurt really bad, no serious injuries are likely.

  • 2

    Slipping on icy steps

    Guaranteed head and spinal injuries and possible bone fractures.

  • 3

    Red-hot doorknob

    A glowing-hot doorknob would be around 900 degrees. 3rd-degree burns result from 140 degrees.

  • 4

    Blowtorch to the head

    If someone's head was under a blowtorch for as long as it shows in the movie, burns to the skull would be fatal.

  • 5

    Falling iron to the face

    Guaranteed facial bone fractures, likely unconsciousness with concussion and possible brain injury.

  • 6

    Stepping on broken ornaments with bare feet

    Possibly a few stitches

  • 7

    Stepping on a nail

    Left untreated, stepping on a nail can potentially lead to many serious problems, but it's easily treatable. Marv likely had treatment at the jail.

  • 8

    Hit in the face with paint cans

    Knock out teeth, break facial bones, brain trauma -- this would be the most damaging (aside from the blow torch).