What is the easiest way for an unpopular power to censor media without protest? Create a smokescreen. "The Interview" is that smokescreen so "Pyongyang" never gets made.

Think about everything you know of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un -- THEY LOVE Hollywood action/comedies lampooning them.

"Pyongyang" was going to be a based-on-a-true story, Oscar-contending masterpiece released during a presidential election. It was going to be influential. North Korea could not allow it to get made. Protesting it would only make the film more influential.

So they protested a stupid, silly film (they were secretly looking forward to) and the real film that was never going to make much money gets pulled, shelved and labeled "problematic."

The real way we should battle North Korea is not to demand distribution of "The Interview," but to demand everyone read the graphic novel "Pyongyang" and encourage Gore Verbinski to make the film.