The next big video producer might just be from Richland, Washington, so don't be surprised when it happens. Justin Frick started making videos at 8 years old with a camcorder he got from his grandparents reports say. Now he has his own production company, has multiple projects with recording artists, and living his dream. Originally from Richland, he has made music videos for Tommy Cassidy, The Spirit Animals, and Night Argent.

The video above is a collaboration with the band Night Argent, who also has ties to the Tri-Cities. Chase Manhattan a singer in the group had great things to say about Frick.  “He’s a very creative person. He’s not cookie-cutter in his methods. The shots that he goes for — he looks for unique perspective. He comes up with very well thought out ideas,” Chase said.

The video that Frick did for The Spirit Animals is very different from his other work and shows his diversity as a video producer. “I have really dark ideas swimming around, and really happy and weird and abstract ideas”, “I haven’t used like 90 percent of the stuff I have in me.” Frick says. He plans on staying in the area, but is moving out to Spokane to continue with work. If you have a project for Justin or you want to see more of his work, you can check him out at go to or find him on Facebook