'Tri-Cities On-Tap' is March 19th, at the Benton County Fairgrounds and I cannot wait. My friend asked me why I like beer so much.

I told him that I really enjoyed the taste and I also like to try different kinds of beer. He informed me that he thinks all beer tastes the same and he really doesn't like it.

He liked the way wine was refined and the fact that there is a "proper" way to drink wine. Of course I flipped out and said "Shut the front door, there is a proper way to drink beer." Basically I told him to shut the hell up and listen to what I have to say.

So he did and now I am going to tell you.

There are so many beers in the world to choose from now-a-days. The way you drink beer is up to you, but to answer my crazy friend's question, there is a proper way to smell, taste and enjoy beer like you do with wine.

This is Kelly West's way to drink beer.

Step No. 1: Decide what beer to have and what kind of glass to put it in.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many beers are out there to try. Lagers, ales, stouts, wheat beers and bitters. And each category has a long sub-list to choose from. So basically choose which beer you are going to try right then.

There are a few glasses to choose from. Goblets, mugs, pint glasses -- maybe even red to-go cups. Honestly, besides what you find on Google, you can use any of these for any of the beers. Make sure it is a very clean glass so you get the best taste for your beer.


Step No. 2: Pour beer the right way.

First of all, always keep your beer nice and cold. Warm beer is never good to drink unless you are sick, and it is the best cure for what ails you. Even if you have a hangover.

Open your beer bottle, beer can or keg and let the dang thing breathe. Often, people pop open their beer and pound it down right then. You will get froth, but you will not get the full taste of the beer. Of course, if you are drunk at this point, it won't matter anyway. Take the glass in one hand and the beer in the other (after you have let it breathe) and tilt the glass slightly. This will prevent foaming right off the bat. Slowly pour the beer in. When you have almost reached the top, turn your glass upright and let it get some foam on the top. In the beer world we call this "head." Makes sense, really.

Step No. 3: Drink your beer.

This, of course, is the easiest step of all. Take the glass and swirl your beer around a little bit to breathe it even more and even out your head. Lift it to your lips and drink away. If you get foam of or "head" on your lip, you are doing the right thing.

For more information on the how-tos of beer drinking I suggest going to Wiki How. They have a tutorial on how to pair beer with your meal. And of course, drink responsibly -- especially March 19th at our awesome Tri-Cities on Tap! It's going down at the Benton County Fairgrounds!