On Thursday, November 15th the Red Hot Chili Peppers played at the KeyArena for the second show on the second leg of their "I'm With You Tour". They ripped through a 20 song set spanning their entire career and including a number of covers and favorites like "Under The Bridge", "Otherside", and of course wrapped up with "Give It Away".

It was an amazing concert and ended with an evening more amazing moment. Following that final song of the night, bassist Flea took to the mic to give his thanks and talk about his love for Seattle.

Some of it is a bit hard to understand with the crowds reaction, but I'm glad someone got this recorded. RHCP has been on my concert check list for awhile and they didn't dissapoint. Then getting to hear Flea give his love for the city and fans was really cool. I get chills each time I hear this...

Thank you, Seattle. Thank you for coming to see us play this evening. Thank you for coming to see the Rebirth Brass Band play this evening. We humbly thank you so much. We've been coming to this city since 1983 and every time you've been a reward of love, kindness, and hospitality and we're grateful, we're f**king grateful, thank you. This is our life's mission. Thank you so f**king much, we humbly thank you. Support live music, all live music...prog rock, jazz, classical music, symphonic music, underground electronic music, dance music, little children playing music...all music. It's the voice of people. It's the voice of guidance, the voice of love, it brings us all together...thank you for coming, good night.

You can purchase the live download of the entire show's audio via LiveChiliPeppers.com.