In a world littered with horrible YouTube videos, one video has stood out among the pack.  Garden Spot High School in New Holland, Penn. has created a video that is now being dubbed "the single worst video on the entire internet."  By now, almost everyone has seen the original Gangnam Style video, and countless people have tried to emulate it.  But no one has done it this poorly.

Did they think that it was good and that it would be well received on the internet?  Or did they realize it was horrible and just said "screw it, let's throw it up anyway?"  We may never know.

See what Free Beer and Hot Wings had to say about this embarrassing cover video below.

It's a poverty school that has to combine like 6 counties to get one high school, because no one lives there.  It's like on top of an oil field or something like that.  Everyone has a birth defect. - Zane

And just in case you wanted to watch that weird dude dancing...  Here it is looped.