If you're a freak for Halloween, you already know that the Scaregrounds out at the Benton/Franklin fair grounds is a must-do attraction during the spookiest time of the year. What you may not know is that the attraction is even bigger this year! With more to see and do, to make the most of your time I've created the ultimate guide to get you through alive! Read, print, and live by this bad boy! Then grab tickets and we'll see you there!

  • 1

    Arrive Early

    Yes, you will have to wait in line. There are 3 main haunts, a bonus maze haunt, and zombie paintball. With all these cool attractions, there will be a LOT Of people who come out. Plan to get there around 6:30 to get in line to get tickets, then the haunting starts right at 7. Plan to be there at least 3 hours maybe more. There will be scares, sights and sounds while in line to keep you on your toes, but this is an all night kind of event, so to beat the lines get there early!

  • 2

    Get Social

    Pay ttention to social media to WIN STUFF! There will be a lot of fun contests during the haunt hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Make sure you're following the Scaregrounds sites to win food, ticket upgrades, and other fun stuff! Instagram: @scaregroundsTC Twitter: @ScaregroundsTC

  • 3

    Kid's Day

    Kid's Day is fun for your little ones who would be too scared for the regular haunts. We tone down the scares, and give the kids candy as they walk through the haunts. Fun characters kids will love run around and join the party too! Costumes are encouraged, and we had such a blast last year, we added TWO dates! Bring the youngin's out Oct 22nd and/or Oct 29th!

  • 4

    Dress Well

    It gets cold, and you'll be outside. Don't wear sandals and shorts, trust me on this! Heels are a bad idea ladies as you'll be walking through grass and uneven floors in some areas. Jeans or pants, layers, sweaters, and even a light jacket with hood are the best. We're open rain or shine, so those hoods will come in handy. Big purses, umbrellas, and other things you need to hang on to, can be cumbersome going through haunts. Tennis shoes, or other closed-toed shoes are the best.

  • 5

    Bring Cash

    There will be food trucks and other vendors on hand to keep you happy in between haunts. While most are set up to take cards, some are not, and it's easier to use cash to get a snack, a t-shirt, or other items.

  • 6

    Bring a Phone or Camera

    While in the haunts you'll be asked to have your phones off (trust me, it's better that way), there will be plenty of photo ops all over the grounds. Take photos with your fave characters at selfie stations, with the roamers creeping around, and of course with your family and friends. Use #ScaregroundsTC to tag your photos when posting, and have a blast!

  • 7

    Go VIP

    Regardless of when you arrive, there's one sure-fire way to beat the lines. Go VIP! You can get through each haunt with a special fast-pass line that will be shorter than other lines. Also, you have unlimited haunting. If you use your fast pass for all lines, you can still go through again in the regular lines with your pass all night! Also, Outbreak Zombie Paintball is included! The VIP passes are limited per night, so get them before they sell out (like last year).

  • 8

    Be Respectful.

    Don't come to the Scaregrounds to make trouble. The actors are still humans (underneath) and they are working to make sure everyone has the best time possible. If you are using abusive language or touching the actors (or props) in a disrespectful or harassing manner, you will be asked to leave. Same goes for if you're harassing another customer. So come to have fun, and leave trouble behind.

  • 9

    Ask Questions

    This event is a passion project for everyone involved, and we want you to have the best time ever! If you have any questions or concerns during your visit, let us know! Find a security person, and if they don't have the answer, they'll find someone who does. We want to make sure you have a fun, safe, and unique experience, and we're there to help in any way we can! We can't wait to see you! Scare you soon...!