Today (Sept. 15) marks the Seattle Seahawks' head coach's birthday. But Pete Carroll shares his special day with the commemoration of National Eight-Track Tape Day! Unlike the eight-track tape, Coach Carroll isn't going anywhere anytime soon. His record with The Hawks is amazing, so being shot down by the likes of cassettes, vinyl records or CDs isn't going to happen anytime soon!Pete Carroll was born Sept. 15,1951, in San Francisco. He has led the Seahawks to two Super Bowls. What an amazing head coach he is. But the question is, what kind of music would have been on Pete's eight-track tape deck back in the day?

Think Stock

I have a few thoughts:

Queen - 'We are the Champions'

REO Speedwagon - 'Take it on the Run'

J. Geils Band - 'Must Have Got Lost'

Edgar Winter Group - 'Free Ride'

T. Rex - 'Bang a Gong'

And after last year's NFC championship game, Green Bay Packers fans might add one more ...

Tom Petty - 'You Got Lucky'