Queensgate area in Richland will soon have a new movie theater. Just in time, too, since a new "Star Wars" and final "Hunger Games" movies are both coming out soon!

The new theater will be run by Fairchilds, the company that operates the Pasco movie theater on Burden Blvd.

Original plans had it a "diner/theater" serving alcohol but those ideas changed drastically.

It will now be a traditional megaplex theater with no alcohol, but will have an enlarged food service offering dinner and other full-meal options.

The opening date is supposed to be Thanksgiving weekend. That will miss the opening of the third and final "Hunger Games" movie, but Thanksgiving weekend was probably going to be the biggest period for that show anyway.

"Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens" is scheduled to be out Dec. 18, 2015.

The Tom Hanks spy thriller "Bridge of Spies" about the Cold War is out now, as is the top-grossing flick of the fall: "The Martian" about Matt Damon stranded on Mars. "Scipio" about the drug trade on the U.S.-Mexico border has excellent reviews.