I've lived in the Tri-Cities since the winter of 1995 and yes I've seen a few bad winters, but nothing like this year. This year came late and just kept coming...I stumbled upon a weather blogging website called Ingalls Weather with a list of the records that were broken so far this winter.

Wintertime. Winter background with thermometer in the snow on frosty day.

According to the Ingalls Weather blog post here are the stats on the crazy winter we've had so far...notice some of the records broken were over 100 year old!! Woza

With snow still on the ground following our exceptional last month and a half, I thought it would be fun to list the records we broke or got close to breaking. These records are for the Tri-Cities and are considered unofficial. I’ve listed the old records as well, and the year they were set. Records began in 1894.

Daily Low Temperatures

DateNew RecordOld Record (Year)
February 267° (2011)
February 289° (1960)
March 113° (1917)
March 315° (1989)
March 4-1°14° (1896)
March 5-1°10° (1955)
March 818°20° (1931)
March 918°20° (1943)
March 1010°18° (1948)


Monthly Records

  • New lowest March temperature is -1° (4th & 5th), Old record was 10° (1898, 1906, 1955)
  • 2nd Coldest Average High (February): 32.3°, Current record is 29.3° (1936)
  • 3rd Coldest Average Low (February): 17.4°, Current record is 12.4° (1929)
  • 3rd Coldest Mean (February): 24.8°, Current record is 22.1 (1936)
  • First February on record to not reach 50°.

 Other Records

  • Latest low at or below 0°: New record is March 5. Old record was February 14, 1979.
  • Latest 10+ Consecutive Days with highs at or below 32° (11 days ended March 6). Old record was 10 days ending March 3, 1993.
  • The latest low at or below 32° was May 11, 1966. We’ll see if we beat that one.


The new snowfall records are based on CoCoRaHS data and are not authoritative.

Daily Snow

DateNew RecordOld Record (Year)
February 85.7 in.2.8 in. (2017)
February 910.1 in.2.0 in. (1939)
February 122.7 in.2.3 in. (1899)
February 272.1 in.1.0 in. (1955)

Monthly Snow

  • February (New snow): New record is 33.3 in., Old record was 24.0 in. (1916)
  • March (Snow depth): New record is 10.0 in., Old record was 3.0 in. (1916)

Other Records

  • Most consecutive days with snow on the ground (based on data from the Naval Ice Center): New record is 34 days (still ongoing), Old record was 33 days (ended February 19, 1929)


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