A former high rolling gambler that frequents two Tri-Cities casinos is facing charges for laundering over 2 million dollars in chips. That man, Michael Lee Brooks, is facing charges that he is guilty of "structuring" his deposits all under $10,000. According to news reports, Mark Richart who is a Washington State Gambling Commission agent has been investigating Brooks strange activity since 2011. "Structuring" is when you break up a deposit transaction into multiple smaller transactions in to stop or hide reporting by a financial institution about his winnings.

Thanks to casino "gamer records" investigators found that “ Brooks had converted "$2,186,742 in cash to gaming chips in increments of less than $10,000." He was also having other players cash him out, and would not cash out all his chips but come back another day and cash out chips from before. He also stopped payment on a $50,000 loan he got from a Reno casino and is facing charges for that also.

Brooks trial is set for July 20, 2016.