The beloved TV show "Twin Peaks' only spanned two seasons. Residents of North Bend, WA, say the film crews are back.

Showtime is filming season 3 for 2016. Note that this is not a reboot, it's a continuation. That means the plot will supposedly pick up where season 2 left off. The detective and waitress are returning... 25 years older. Since few of their co-stars achieved such fame that they'd snub the opportunity, most are expected to return.

Die-hard fans are really excited to see photos of "Twede's Cafe" in North Bend getting converted to "RR Cafe," and white picket fences returning to certain houses, and the iconic blue/turquois waitress uniform getting resurrected.

Not sure how the show will explain the 25 years of aging in the actors, but hey, it'd be very "Twin Peaks" to not even acknowledge it!