Santos Flores-Alcaide (29) and Enrique Alcaide both have pleaded guilty to charge of second-degree murder and ended their trial early. Both men were involved in an incident back on August 30, 2015 outside La Tropicana nightclub in Pasco. Enrique got into a fist fight with another teen named Angon Del Villar when Enrique's uncle went to his car and got a gun according to news reports. He returned to the fight and fired at Angon Del Villar from close range and then fired on another witness trying to help the victim.

Santos Flores-Alcaide now faces 10 years and three months to 18 years and four months in prison. His nephew Enrique Alcaide is facing one year and nine months to two years and three months but prosecutors are asking for an exceptional term of 7  1/2 years instead.