Court documents say Disney, 32, tried to allegedly use his Walt to sexually assault a woman in his home after the two got into an argument.

Documents say authorities went to Disney's house on Eeyore, er, Elmore Road after the victim dialed 911 and did not speak into the line or answer the phone when dispatchers called back.

Dumbo Disney reportedly then called 911 to say no one called, no need to come out, we're all good (like the fast pass to Space Mountain), but the affidavit says a woman was heard crying in the background.

The victim told police Disney held her down and tried to rape her. The woman said she had scratched and bit Disney according to the affidavit..

As this matter remains under investigation, the Wapato cops may be whistling while they work, but they're as quiet as Winnie the Pooh with his face buried in a pot of honey when asked to comment on this matter at this time.

They did say Disney was not on duty at the time, but deputies said he used his department issued laptop computer to see that the 911 call had gone through and that he tried to use makeup to cover up his injuries.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Brooke Wright said Disney should be placed on an electronic monitoring system to ensure he does not come within 250 feet of the woman’s home. Disney also must surrender his firearms, submit to a drug test (positive for Herbie the Love Bug?) and meet other requirements.


Joe Raedle