Here some great ways to celebrate Native American History Month.

1) visit the Sacajawea Museum at Sacajawea State Park in Pasco

2) Visit The REACH Museum

3) visit exhibit at Columbia Basin College

4) Visit Whitman Mission in Frenchtown and then on to Fort Walla Walla

5) Visit Steptoe Butte (where the Cayus beat the cavalry)

6) Visit Palouse Falls

7) Go for a walk on Bateman Island (site of a Wanupum village)

8) visit the museum at Wanupum Dam

9) take a selfie with the Chief Kamiakin statue at KHS

10) visit the diplay at Richland Library

11) visit the museum at Wildhorse Casino and take selfies with the Pendleton statues downtown

12) take a selfie with the murals in Toppenish

13) go fishing in Lake Wallowa and eat in Joseph, Oregon (named after Chief Joseph)

14) take a selfie at Chief Joseph Middle School (there might be a statue out front)

15) take a selfie with the Sacajawea statue in downtown Kennewick

16) make a donation to a Native American scholarship fund

17) buy some native-caught salmon and/or order some pemmican online (I think one brand is Tatanka)

18) visit Columbia Hills State Park near The Dalles (site of the petroglyphs)

19) visit Nez Perce Historical State Park near Lewiston, ID

20) Go see "Moana" in theaters (Disney cartoon about Polynesian culture)