One of the most common things I see asked on social media chat pages is "where does everyone hang out"? It's tough to find a watering hole that has people you a) want to talk with b) want to flirt with c) you like the food and d) they have your "games" or karaoke. All the time I ask if there's anywhere in town to play bocce, or horseshoes, or trivia, or taste exotic beers and people throw out cool taverns and clubs I've never been to. Let's all put our heads together and come up with a comprehensive list:

Who has cool events?

Where are the best places to celebrate a holiday like Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick's Day?

Who has cool games?

Who has the best trivia nights?

Who has the best dancing?

Who has the coolest interiors?

Who has the best karaoke?

Who has the best drink specials?