Restraining orders, firings, re-assignments -- it's been a great year for the local reporters assigned to cover the Ki-Be School District. Now the students in Benton City are walking out of their classes to protest the school board president and superintendent. What will stop this from devolving into utter chaos?

At a Tuesday school board meeting the high school principle was fired and reassigned to work inside the district building until the school year is over.

The executive director of athletics and curriculum was also fired. That man recommended firing the Girl's High School Basketball coach and reassign the Girl's High School Wrestling Coach -- both unpopular moves. The basketball coach stayed put and the wrestling coach is now at the middle school.

Remember the wrestling coach unsuccessfully applied for a restraining order against the school board president. This followed the escalation of a disagreement that started when he had tried to watch his daughter wrestle from the floor instead of the bleachers were parents are required to sit.

The man in charge of bringing all this chaos back into order has no prior experience in public education. The superintendent has a business background and was appointed as the interim super after the previous one resigned. Some in the community have complained about his lack of experience, but the school board defends the decision saying his business administration experience is what the position needs at this time.

The previous superintendent resigned due to poor relations with the teachers union and for a mistake the district made reporting special education enrollment numbers to the state.