Yakima Valley and Tri-Cities are amazing places to live. Anything you'd want to do is close by. But when I was a kid, my mom, dad, brother and I took a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge in California and I was in heaven. When we got to the other side we went to a little town called Sausalito. This was the coolest town that I had ever been in. The saltwater taffy was amazing! There were sailboats all over the place and we went camping in an amazing forest.

When I got older a song came out called "Sausalito Summer Nights."

I freaked out. I screamed out loud "That is where I wanna die!" HA! Someday I will live there, but for now, this area is pretty cool. If I never make it there, then I wanna die on the Naches River or the Klickatat!

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