Today I found out McDonald's in Michigan sells steak, egg and cheese bagels. Your fast food breakfast options have doubled, or maybe quadrupled since I was a kid. Let's vote on who is the best!

  • Taco Bell: they're new, and legitimate. I personally think there's too much biscuit in the breakfast tacos, but I don't doubt they'll refine the recipe.
  • Wendy's: I didn't even know they had a breakfast menu. It looks good, especially the breakfast sandwiches.
  • Carl's Jr.: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the biscuit sandwiches.
  • Jack in the Box: my last choice, personally, but the monster breakfast burritos are not to be snubbed.
  • McDonald's: safe and kind of boring.
  • Burger King: my coworker LOVES the croissan'wich and french toast sticks. I confess I love them.