Netflix just released a trailer for a new series called "The Ranch" staring Sam Elliott and Ashton Kutcher. It tells the story of an ex semi-pro athlete (Kutcher) returning home to run the family ranch in Colorado. One of the scenes in the trailer, Kutcher is sitting at the table with his father (Elliott) wearing a Spokane Shock t-shirt.

credit Netflix US & Canada

The Spokane Shock used to be a semi pro arena football team that is now called the Empire. They had to switch the name because the AFL owned the rights to the name a logo, so when they switched to the IFL they had to change the name.

So...why is Ashton wearing that old Spokane Shock t-shirt? I think it is obviously because the character he played on the show must have played for them and it is ok to use the logo because they don't exist anymore.