They look so cute and helpless with their bright red bellies flopping in the bucket. But watch how they got there. A woman just dips some pig entrails in the water and three or fish instantly attach! Then she hangs the entrails over the bucket and the attackers join their captured friends.
This banal and benign video of a woman catching a little dinner is so unsettling when you think what might happen if she stuck her hand in there! And she lives on this river! Her kids probably play along its banks! A five-year-old girl was killed by Brazilian piranhas in 2013!

I did a quick search and found eating piranhas is very popular.
Apparently the red-bellied kind shown in this video taste the worst and even carry parasites, but hey, if that's what she's got...
If you ever catch piranhas, smoke or grill them. Steaming them makes their gamey-fishy taste worse.
They're so bony each doesn't have a lot of meat. I can see why she'd want to catch so many.