Wilmer Flores found out he was being traded from the Mets last night... WHILE STILL ON THE FIELD! He started crying, the video went viral, and the deal was axed. How did this happen?

Is he on Twitter while in the outfield? Did they announce it on the JumoTron? Did a bat boy tell him? How does this happen? I thought MLB was a multi-billion-dollar industry? This was so sloppy.

In its defense, the Mets management said the deal wasn't final yet, so they had Flores continue to play. But he somehow got word of the deal. And whether that's what sealed the deal, or the management wasn't lying about lack of finality, the deal never happened.

You have to feel sorry for the guy, hearing you'll be moving from your teammates and friends, maybe a city you love, while expected to play ball at a professional level.

How unprofessional!