Many people are unaware that in Washington state it is illegal to remain in a lane next to a disabled vehicle or where a emergency vehicle is pulled on the side of the road. Starting today through Thursday Washington State Troopers begin the 'Move Over' campaign

Washington State Troopers are starting emphasis patrols statewide on Tuesday to make people more aware of the "Move Over Law."

Troopers say from Tuesday through Thursday, they'll be keeping an eye out for drivers who don't switch lanes for emergency responders. That includes police, fire, medical, tow trucks and anyone providing roadside assistance. You'll want to move over if it's safe or slow down if you can't.

"I've had it where my pant leg got brushed by a car because I was on the driver's side making a contact," said WSP Lt. Kiley Conaway. "Another 12 feet of lane distance makes a huge difference."

Tickets can cost you more than $100 for not moving over.