The new Washington State University president took over on Monday and immediately raised concerns over the athletic departments spending habits. Kirk Schulz used to be the president for Kansas State and says that WSU spends a lot more money then it brings in according to news reports. The Athletic Department has a 13 million dollar deficit from last year and Schutz is working on a way to balance the budget.

In actuality, WSU spends way less then other Pac-12 universities according to news reports. The Athletic Director for WSU Bill Moos says that the "Cougars have the Pac-12’s second-lowest expense budget and spend about $12 million less than the conference average".

I only ask as an alumni of WSU, that the president understands and acknowledges the improvements in the athletic department that money caused. If you look at the Football team, they have had large improvements to their stadium, and practice facilities which has helped with recruiting. Last year WSU football finished 3rd in the Pac12, went to the Sun Bowl and defeated Miami for the first Bowl win in years. The four years before that the team finished 4-8, 3-9, 6-7, and 3-9 for season records and were never ranked.

If little WSU wants to continue to compete with USC, Oregon, and UW, they are going to have to invest money like those schools do.