The National Weather Service is predicting the Yakima River to flood maybe as soon as tonight through the weekend. According to a new graph released, the Yakima river could get to 11 feet tonight and surge to over 16 feet over the weekend.

Here are the basic descriptions of flooding for the different water levels we can expect in the area around the river.

20 feet There will be severe flooding of farmland roads, bridges and homes from Prosser downstream to the Columbia River, especially in Benton City.
16 feet There will be widespread flooding of farmlands, roads and residential areas from Prosser to the Columbia River.
14.5 feet At this level, there will be moderate flooding of farmland, roads and some residential areas...especially in the west richland area.
13 feet There will be minor flooding of pastures and roads adjacent to the river...especially in low lying areas of West Richland.