I have a bone to pick with Seahawks fans after the game yesterday: some of you keep chanting, "Don't give up hope!" over and over again on Facebook. Some of you are writing off the team, saying you're through because they played so badly. Both groups make me frustrated -- I am not sure which one is worse! Being a fan has nothing to do with how great or crappy your team plays; you should cheer your ass of regardless.

Negative people who give up cheering for the Hawks because of a couple bad games and saying they suck need to just move on to another team or sport. They do not even deserve to be called football fans. If you think the Hawks sucked this weekend, you have not been a fan very long because they have sucked way more in the past. 'Nuff said.

Fans that post about "keeping hope" are almost just as bad.

What are you "hoping" for? Another Superbowl? Playoffs? Being a fan is not about being able to brag about the great things they do, or hope they will do. Hope has nothing to do with being a fan. Even though we all have hope, it is not the cornerstone of why we are fans.

Being a fan is about connecting with a team through the ups and downs. It was the 30-plus years of not getting a Super Bowl that made it so sweet when we finally got one.

It's fine for fans to point out weaknesses they see and talk about them, but saying a team or a defense "sucks" is crossing the line. Staying a fan because you "hope" they get another championship or even the playoffs is just as wrong. Being a true fan is like a strong marriage. Win, lose, or tie it is the experience that is important, not the outcome.

Until death do us part...Go Hawks!