School starts in about four weeks and we all know someone who's going to have trouble waking up early again -- or maybe someone who always has trouble waking up early. Here are 10 fantastic ideas to help those sleepyheads get up and at 'em!

1. Try an app that tracks your sleep cycle. It will wake you up during the optimal moment making it easier to get up.

2. Try an app that won't turn off your alarm until you solve a math, logic or memory puzzle.  That way, in order to turn off your alarm your brain must wake up, making it harder to fall back asleep or let your subconscious brain make the decision.

3. Get a cat! Or a dog that will need to pee in the mornings. That'll wake you up!

Eric Isselée

4. Get an alarm clock that will let you choose the song it plays when it goes off. Either choose your least favorite song in the entire world ("Hello Pussycat" by Tom Jones is my pick) so the shear revulsion wakes you up. OR, have it play your No. 1 sing-a-long, gotta dance, rock out song so when it goes off you're instantly in a good mood and tapping your toe.

5. A laser gun alarm clock. It's incredibly fun and you have to wake up enough to focus on shooting the target.

6. Get an alarm clock that moves! You have to chase it to turn it off.

7. The Sonic Boom alarm clocks come highly recommended. These make loud noises and vibrations no one can sleep through.

8. Someone made an alarm clock with a helicopter on top. When it goes off, the top flies off and you must retrieve it to turn the alarm off. This sounds awesome for teenagers.

9. Put your alarm in the bathroom. When you stumble in to turn it off, instantly sit down to pee and/or turn the shower on. It'll be really hard to talk yourself into going back to sleep then.

10. Try an app that requires you to stand up and spin around before it will turn off!
[SOURCE: Reddit]