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Debate Settled--Illegal For Unsecured Animal in Back of Truck
Straight from the Benton County Sheriff, it's illegal for a dog or animal to be riding in the back bed (regular, flat, or otherwise) of a vehicle or truck unless it has a suitable cage, enclosure or harness.
Sheriff's deputies say they're seeing an increase in the number of animals (es…
Pasco K-9 Literally 'Scares' Suspect Out of Crawl Space
Is the bark worse than the bite? Sometimes so.
Friday, Pasco police were trying to extricate a wanted suspect from a home in town, and brought along K-9 Lemon, one of the department's police dogs.
The suspect, whose name was not released, was repeatedly warned by officers they were sending in the…
Wednesday is National Love Your Pet Day--Celebrate!
For anyone who loves animals, Wednesday is going to be your day!
February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day. No, it's not a corporate creation done by companies who manufacture pet toys, or food.
According to,  the exact origin of the day is not known, or at least nobody…

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