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Is Walla Walla Dying?
Walla Walla has been a town of around 30,000 people consistently. The numbers aren't dwindling at all.
Why is it Called Jump-Off Joe?
It's a favorite spot in the Tri-Cities. Whether you're in high school or retired, you know Jump Off Joe. But do you know why it's called Jump-Off Joe?
Pasco Memorial's Sad Story Gets Ironic Happy Ending [VIDEO]
Jim Saunders gave his life keeping the highways safe in 1999 and we drive past his memorial on the corner of Court Street and 28th Street EVERY DAY on our way to work. So when we found out his story had come full circle this month, we took special interest. Check out this memorial's "chapt…
Local Business Makes Sure Shelter Dogs Get Christmas Presents
Dogs are often Christmas presents. You don't hear too many stories where the pups GET Christmas presents.
West Richland Animal Control says a local business has made the holiday season special for some canines in need.
Shadow River Superstore in West Richland donated over 8 boxes of raw-hide dog …