The countdown to Halloween has started! If you need help coming up with a costume this year, why not conspire with your significant other to pull off a couples costume? Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • 1

    Prince and Princess

    Be Will & Kate, a Disney version or perhaps a just wing it, this is an easy costume you'll both look spectacular in.

  • 2

    Farmer and His Wife

    Do it simply or go ethnic. There are a lot of variations on this ancient theme and a quick trip to the thrift store can usually do it.

    Pablo Blazquez Dominguez, Getty Images
  • 3

    Queen and King of Hearts

    This costume takes a bit more work, but is always classy.

    Andreas Rentz, Getty Images
  • 4

    Devil and Angel

    For a fun twist let the lady play the devil! This classic costume is as timeless as it archetypal.

    Marco Secchi, Getty Images
  • 5

    Night and Day

    It's cute, clever and easy to pull off.

    Marco Secchi, Getty Images
  • 6

    Soldier and His Dame

    What's more romantic than love waged during an era succumbed to war?

    Mary Turner, Getty Images
  • 7

    Asian Fantasy

    Just have fun and don't over think it! A little bit of eye make up and some silk can pull this one off. Just make sure to avoid negative stereotypes as you stick those chopsticks in your hair!

    Lintao Zhang, Getty Images
  • 8

    Hot Mess and One Night Stand

    It's clever if overdone. I don't think a modern party is complete without it. You'll always get a smile along with that eye roll!

    Evan Agostini, Getty Images
  • 9

    Antony and Cleopatra

    Evan Agostini, Getty Images
  • 10

    Santa and Mrs. Clause

    Buy it for Halloween, keep it for Christmas! This costume is perfect for folks who don't like to show skin, but a sexy version would make you the talk of the party!

    Evening Standard, Hulton Archive