It's time to pick out your Halloween costumes! Consider one of these fantastic ideas for couples:

  • 1

    Bonnie & Clyde (or 1920s swingers)

    Looking for something romantic, classy and just a tiny bit naughty? Bonnie & Clyde. Don't even need to think about it. Find yourself a flapper's dress and your gent a pinstrip suit and some two-tone shoes. One of the easiest costumes to execute that looks like you put in a lot of work.

  • 2

    Cowboy & Indian

    This is also a fairly easy costume to execute with stuff you already have or could borrow easily. My favorite thing about the "Cowboy & Indian" look is you can be as conservative or risque as you'd like. This look can be modified for any kind of party.

  • 3

    Day of the Dead Skeletons

    My favorite costume is "Day of the Day" characters. It's so Halloween-ey and super easy to execute. You just need good face make up and a tiny bit of Hispanic flair. One year I pulled it off with a sombrero and poncho. The lady can put a flower in her fair and a flowing skirt and call it good.

  • 4

    Gothic Lovers

    I never do the classical Gothic look because it's too intellectual. It always requires research. The man needs a top hat and puffy shirt. Maybe a stop watch on a chain. The lady needs a corset, leather high-heel boots and a puffy shirt. But the Gothic look can be easily accessorized to cover vampires, Steam Punk, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and more. It's definitely worth the work, if you've got the time and cash.

  • 5

    Knight in Shining Armor + Damsel in Distress

    Be ready for a trip to the costume store if you elect to go this route, but who doesn't fantasize about knights and damsels? Heck, buy the outfit and join one of those Renaissance Fairs! Now you've got date night covered two nights next year!

  • 6


    Yes, this look IS sooo "last decade" but Jack Sparrow did not invent the pirate. This costume is as classic as Frankenstein and his bride. It's fun, festive and easy to find. Definitely the "safe" option.

  • 7

    His and Hers Scarecrows

    WORLD'S EASIEST COSTUME! All you need is some over-sized outfits and a bag of straw (which can be purchased from any craft store if you don't live in the country). Best last-minute option. Face makeup option, straw hats mandatory.

  • 8

    Living Statues

    I've always wanted to do this! Throw on some really old clothes from the thrift store, then spray paint EVERYTHING gray and find matching face paint. It takes some work, but pretty simple for an incredible result.

  • 9


    Classic, Twilight, True Blood -- there are just so many ways you can go with. But honestly, if you've always wanted to do a vampires couple costumes, I'd do it this year because Vamps and Zombies are on their way out of popularity.

  • 10


    Icky witches, nice witches, naughty witches, Harry Potter, MacBeth witches -- so many options. This isn't traditionally a couples costume so spend a little extra time making sure your man looks good.