At 26 years old with a young daughter, I am looking to buy a house soon. There's a lot that goes into play. 

What's the best value for my money? How good is the neighborhood? If your kids are old enough - where's the best school district?

Here are the top 10 places to buy a house in Washington according to Niche.

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    Wedgwood (Seattle)

    Located 2 miles away from University of Washington, Wedgwood is a middle-class neighborhood in Seattle. One of the cool things about Wedgwood is Wedgwood Rock. It's a glacial erratic that traveled 55 miles with the Vashon Glacier 14,000 years ago.

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    Canterwood (Seattle)

    There's about 35 homes for sale (as of January 2019) in Canterwood, Seattle. The prices range from just under $200k to $1 million. Niche scored Canterwood with high grades for public schools (A-) and "good for families" (A-)

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    Madrona (Seattle)

    Right near Lake Washington, Madrona is a residential area with around 10,000 people. The Raymond-Ogden Mansion is located in Madrona and is on the National Register of Historical Places. Madrona has high scores at Niche for "good for families", public schools, and housing.

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    Camas is right near the Washington/Oregon border. It's got a population of 19,000 people and one of the most beautiful views of the Columbia River. If you're a fan of beauty in nature, Camas is hard to top.

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    Sudden Valley

    Sudden Valley scores very highly in public schools, housing, and quality of life for families. Despite being relatively small (just over 6,000 people), Sudden Valley ranks high in per-capita income in Washington.

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    Snoqualmie is flat out gorgeous. Stupid pretty. I'd die to live with that kind of beauty. Twin Peaks and its prequel film were filmed there. Snoqualmie is near perfect to raise a family.

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    The first of the Tri-City area spots to make this list, Richland gets good grades for public schools, safety, housing and an A- for diversity. As a parent in Richland, I wouldn't mind staying here with a mortgage.

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    Briarcliff (Seattle)

    Briarcliff is west of Magnolia (Seattle's second-largest neighborhood) and south of Discovery Park. Niche gives Briarcliff an A+ overall grade.

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    Sammamish is great for homebuyers because there's literally new homes being built every day. Niche grades Sammamish very highly for safety (A-), public schools (A+) and is great for families (A+). You want to raise kids in the best spot possible? It's hard to beat Sammamish.

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    West Richland

    West Richland gets the better of Richland on this list. Niche gives them high marks for jobs (A-), housing (A-), weather (A), health & fitness (A-), outdoor activities (A-) and being great for families (A.) A small-town with all the amenities just a small drive away? Sign me up!

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