If you haven't checked out Road Snacks, you should. Silly site based on actual info. They have all kinds of lists about American cities from Drunkest City, to Most Ghetto city in each state. I was scrolling through info on our fair state of Washington and came across the Dumbest Cities list. I just want to say that these are NOT my findings, but they are pretty interesting, and hey, we have to giggle at ourselves right?

The list was created based on, the percentage of city’s population with less than a high school education (Age 25+), and the percentage of high school dropouts (Ages 16-19) (in cities with 5000+ people). Othello took the #1 spot with a few other cities close by our beloved Tri-Cities. Who else made the list? Check it out below.

  1. Othello
  2. Sunnyside
  3. Kelso
  4. Connell
  5. Shelton
  6. Yakima
  7. Toppenish
  8. Tukwila
  9. Woodland
  10. Wapato