If knock-off Cheerios are 2 cents cheaper, I go with the knock-offs. I'm all about saving money. But with some items QUALITY MATTERS. Don't ever skimp on these 10 items.

  • 1

    Can opener

    Buy the $10 one. Please, just trust me.

  • 2

    Office Chair

    This is going to save you pain and money on your back, your sciatic nerve and believe it or not your neck, shoulders and wrists!

  • 3


    It will completely change the role of music in your life.

  • 4

    Toilet Paper

    This is SOOO easy to buy cheap. I get it, every couple bucks matter at the grocery store at the end of the month. But you'll use twice as much of the cheap stuff, eliminating your savings, and get poop on your hands.

  • 5


    Is your health and life, and the life of your family, worth saving a couple hundred bucks every 4-5 years?

  • 6


    Yes, everyone can tell you tried to save a buck and you never get a second first impression.

  • 7


    Not only is cooking more enjoyable with good knives but you're a lot less likely to cut yourself.

  • 8


    A well-fitting bra feels so good you'll cry about all the wasted years.

  • 9

    Pillow & Mattress

    I know it's something you hardly think about because... you're not thinking when you use it. But quality sleep is worth the extra money.

  • 10

    Trash Bags

    Don't be that guy running to the dumpster because your trash bag is slowly tearing open on the way there.