Nearly 100 people recently voted on "what makes them think of the Tri-Cities" and I was astounded by the winners. Sure, the No. 1 and 2 answer aren't that surprising, but some of the others I would NEVER have guessed.

  • 1

    The Cable Bridge

    I get it. It's a beautiful bridge, especially at night. And it's right next to the gorgeous Clover Island Inn.

    Maegan Murray
  • 2


    Really people? The most ubiquitous weed in the entire Western United States is an icon of Tri-Cities?

    Darren Carroll / Getty Images
  • 3

    Blue Bridge

    We all knew it'd make top 3, but under tumbleweeds? Sheesh.

    Maegan Murray
  • 4

    Sunsets and Sunrises

    Yeah, they're not bad, but I've seen better. This was the biggest surprise to me. But hey, it means this is a beautiful place and who can argue with that?

    james steidl
  • 5

    Columbia River

    The river is definitely our community's biggest selling point -- for tourism, commercial growth and quality of living.

    Maegan Murray
  • 6


    It's our history, our legacy, and it still employs A LOT of people.

  • 7


    It's beautiful, it smells good and it dominates the landscape.

    Michael Smith, Getty Images
  • 8

    Rattlesnake Mountain

    It's our tallest peak, it's beautiful, it's off-limits, it's sacred and it's full of Cold War secrets. What's not to love?
  • 9

    The View from Jump Off Joe

    Enough said.

    Google Maps
  • 10

    Badger Mountain

    Rivers, Bridges and Mountains... I'm sensing a theme here!

    Maegan Murray