These might work for some but in my experience they are either a "do not give" or a "please don't give them to me" gift ideas. To each their own, but there are a few items that I have either received or have given that were probably not the best idea. Of course, anything from my children is always sweet but when you kill that "love fern" your kids got you, well... you know.

1. Parenting for Dummies Book

Even as a joke it could be received poorly. I remember I took a "parenting class" and my oldest son was 18 years of age. Not only did he feel robbed but I sat for weeks reflecting on all the things I could of or should of done differently. I recommend if you plan to read a self help parenting book or take a class, do it before it's too late to do it by the book!

2. Homemade Ashtray

Ok, ok... nobody probably does this anymore but in my day... We did. For every occasion or holiday I was sculpting the best ashtray throughout my entire grade school life! Hey it was acceptable in my day!

3. House plant

I know I am probably wrong about this but a house plant is probably the worst gift you can give me! The damn pressure to keep that sucker alive is unmanageable! I kill EVERYTHING! I see plants in the store and I want one so bad, they are so beautiful! But when I pick out a house plant all I am really doing is choosing the next plant I am taking home to kill slowly.

4. A Facebook Post

This should be a no-brainer! Don't be lazy, call your mom, afterall you introduced her to stretch marks!

5. Wrinkle Cream

This also should be a no-brainer! Not only did you introduce her to stretch marks but you are probably responsible for every beautiful crease and laugh line on her face!

6. Macaroni Art

This is kind of a joke because I used to get macaroni art from my daughter ALL THE TIME and I loved it! She is now in her twenties and she teases all the time that she is going to make me noodle art for Mother's day and to be honest I AM STILL WAITING BRET!!

7. Food poisoning

I have been lucky enough to say that this has never happened to me but beware! So many times I have heard friends tell me they got food poisoning for Mother's day as a result of their children's cooking. As sweet and thoughtful as it is to give mom breakfast in bed just be sure you know what you are doing in her kitchen, oh and CLEAN UP!

8. An I.O.U

I am guilty of this, sadly. Maybe not specifically for Mother's day but I know I have told my Mom I was going to take her to lunch or to get a pedicure because of my crazy schedule and it is a FAIL! Take the time and don't promise her something just because you are busy, Moms know how busy we are as adults and they understand. Afterall, she raised you in a busy world too!

9. Flowers you picked from her garden

It was cute when you were four! But Mom works hard on those beautiful displays she has outside her house, she doesn't need them rotting on her kitchen table to enjoy!


Last but certainly not least don't get her NOTHING! Make her a card, even if you are forty, give her a coupon book, even if you are fifty, make her something or buy her her favorite piece of chocolate, but just don't let her get nothing. She gave you life and she did the best she knew how to raise you!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!


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