I don't know about you, but I am always buying things online. If you need something, no matter how strange it may seem, you can usually find it with Google. Here are some strange things I probably would not be looking for, but you can still buy.

10 Weirdest Things You Can Buy Online
1.       Praying Mantis eggs (to eat your bad bugs)
2.       A box of live baby chicks.
3.       Flame thrower
4.       Fresh vanilla for filthy cheap
5.       Tazers and pepperspray
6.       A rock with a hidden camera in it
7.       Gallium (a metal that melts in your hand but isn’t toxic like mercury)
8.       Caffeine powder (1 kilo for about $35)
9.       A 26-pound gummy bear
10.   If you have Amazon Prime you can afford to order toilet paper, toiletries, paper towels, diapers and more online!