He's been called a hero, the best there is, a thug, a loud mouth and more. He's one of the highest-paid defensive players in the NFL. He was asked to cover Sports Illustrated and insisted on including his Legion of Boom brothers. There's a lot you know about Richard Sherman, but here are 10 things you probably don't:

  • 1

    He grew up in Compton

    "I've seen bodies in the street... blood left from a violent crime, I've seen prostitution in the street." ~Richard Sherman

  • 2

    His father is a garbage man

    His mom works with disabled children.

    "Seeing his parents work hard everyday to make the best life for them as they could has helped him." ~ mom

  • 3

    His father was in a gang and was shot

    "I showed him I'd been shot hanging out with gang members and you could be killed for no reason at all."  ~ dad

  • 4

    His high school coach told him to shut his mouth on the field, then changed his mind

    "If you take talking away from him, and we did, he went from a great player to an average player and we were like, 'We've got to let this kid be who he is.'" ~ high school coach

  • 5

    Sherman was furious at only graduating second in his high school class

    Pete Carroll recruited him to play for USC in 2006, but he preferred to study at Stanford University -- a more prestigious school.

  • 6

    Sherman wasn't drafted to the NFL until the FIFTH round

    "That'll never be something that leaves my mind." ~ Richard Sherman

  • 7

    President Barack Obama has quoted HIM

    "Don't you ever talk about me like that. I'm the best president in the game." ~ Obama

  • 8

    He has a degree in Communications

  • 9

    He has his own charity called Blanket Coverage

    Blanket Coverage gives school supplies and clothing to kids in low-income areas.

  • 10

    He's dating Ashley Lillian Moss

    Moss was a Seattle waitress and 'Hawks fan. Now she's a professional cosmetologist.