There are a couple stories made popular by G-rated movie versions that would make killer action movies or psychological thrillers. The most obvious example is "The Little Mermaid." We start with an exotic red-headed babe who makes a twisted deal with the devil for lust and naivete forcing her father to decide between family and duty. Here are 10 more:

  • What if "Mulan" was made into a brutal war movie with an ass-kicking hot Asian babe like Gong Li, Jamie Chung, Gracie Park, Moon Bloodgood, Gianna Jun or Olivia Munn?
  • What if "Home Alone" was written with a child who had no sense of consequences and set up traps gory enough for "Saw"?
  • One of the most intense, disturbing PG movies of all time is "Coraline." What if there was no commitment to keep it family friendly?
  • Adult-oriented "Tarzan" movies were common decades ago. Let's take back our favorite jungle sex magnet!
  • "The Golden Compass" was an R-rated book made into a children's movie. A movie more loyal to the original story would be pleasing. Ditto with "The Hunger Games" trilogy and Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal."
  • How about "Pulp Fiction" done by the Muppets with exactly the same script?
  • I'd enjoy "How to Train Your Dragon" with real Vikings and real dragons.
  • "Snow White and the Huntsman" was for sissies. Let's see a version that would make the Brothers Grimm proud.
  • "Aladdin" lived in a brutal society with stark contrasts between rich and poor where the former indulged all their lusts and the latter struggled in depravity.
  • If someone else had purchased the "Star Wars" franchise we could have seen some futuristic battle scenes and intergalactic babes.