The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Indianapolis Colts last night in their first pre-season game 19 to 17. To the casual observer it just confirmed what the doubters have been saying all along, that the Seahawks will "suck" this year and not even compete for the division.

However, I was really excited by what I saw last night from the Seahawks and saw exactly the kinds of things I hoped to see. Here are 12 great things we saw last night that I think the fans of Seattle should be very excited about.

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    The Starting Offensive Line Was Amazing

    I have been waiting for a very long time for the kind of blocking the starting O-Line showed on their one drive. There was a run by Chris Carson where Fluker blocked from the 25 yard line at the 4:11 mark that really stands out to me. It was so pretty I almost cried!

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    Running Backs All Looked Great

    Chris Carson and the entire running back crew looked really solid in their first outing this year. The blocking obviously made many more running lanes for the backs to take advantage of. Penny showed some real talent, both on the outside edge and with his hands. 87 yard rushing is not bad considering that was mostly in the 1st half. Heck, I would have killed for 87 yards rushing last season.

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    Russell Wilson in Mid-Season Form

    Sometimes it has taken Russ a few games to look really sharp at the begining of the season, but not in 2018. He looks like he never stopped playing in the offseason. He had one pass just slightly behind his reciever, the rest were on the dime. Stay healthy Russell...PLEASE!!

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    The Colts Almost Never Scored a Touchdown

    Sure we lost, but the Colts could not push the ball into the endzone until late in the 4th quarter. I still think that call was crap, no way he got in where the ball was. That is not important though, what's important is that even with a young defense and a few starters out for injuries, the defense was fast and held when they needed. Back up linebackers Griffin and Calitro were all over the place and really played well.

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    Griffin Twins Lived Up to Expectations

    The new golden boys of Seattle, the Griffin twins, were fun to watch last night. Shaquill Griffin has always been great, but all eyes were on his brother last night. Rookie linebacker Shaquem Griffin lead the team with 9 total tackles, 6 of them solo. He played most of the game and showed he will be a star in the NFL this year.

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    Rookie Rasheem Green - Game MVP

    If I was going to pick an MVP from last night, it would have to be rookie DE Rasheem Green. He had 1 1\2 sacks and was all over the Colts. Everyone hoped he could be the new Bennett, and I think we saw some of that last night. He may eventually be even better.

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    Not Many Penalties for Starters

    One of the biggest problems the Seahawks have had the last couple years was penalties. Last night the game was pretty clean until around the late 3rd quarter when 4th & 5th string were in. Then there was an eruption of around 10 penalties back to back. The good news is the players that will probably make the team, played mostly penalty free.

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    Kickers Were All Good

    Remember the guy in the picture? I don't want to even say his name it was so bad, but now we don't have to worry about shanked kicks. All the kickers looked great last night. Honestly I couldn't tell which ones were better because they all were so solid. I am just giddy that we don't have to worry about "that guy" any more!

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    Rookie Qb McGough Showed Poise

    First thing you have to learn is how to say his name. It is pronounced MUH-GOO. He played a ton last night with both some good and bad. He showed he is very mobile and has a pretty good arm. Mistakes and penalties were what killed his chance at points but it was not so bad for the rookie.

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    New Secondary Played Tight & Solid

    The secondary looked really solid in their coverage last night against the Colts. Rookie Tre Flowers got the most targets thrown against him and I thought he was in good position every time. I didn't see us get beat deep once like we did multiple times last season. Coverage was amazing considering they just started. Once the players got used to tackling again, they were solid.

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    The Tight Ends Showed Up

    It was great to see both of our Tight Ends show up big last night. Third year Nick Vanett had a couple catches for 20 yards and a touchdown on the 1st drive alone. Will Dissly also had 2 receptions for 19 yards. Both blocked well and showed they will be a big factor in 2018!

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    Only 1 Serious Injury

    The Seahawks had one serious injury when rookie tackle Jamarco Jones had to be carted off. The good news is that it was not a break & he will most likely be back sometime this season. 2nd year wide receiver David Moore had to leave the game after being struck by a Colts player in the helmet that lead to his ejection from the game. There were a few smaller injuries but the Seahawks mostly stayed healthy.