Last year I wrote about 10 Seahawks Super Fans You Should Know, but there are so many other cool Seahawks Fans that I had to make another list. Now that the season is over and your craving for more Hawks, here are 12 more Seahawks Super Fans that you should know if you already don't!


  • 1

    Mark Collins

    If you are a current Seattle Seahawks fan, you owe Mark Collins a thank you for saving our Seahawks. He was responsible for starting the movement that kept the team in Seattle when they were about to be sent to another city. Without Mark, there would be no Superbowl 48 Championship!

    Aug 8th 2015 - Seahawks Training Camp

    Posted by Mark Collins on Saturday, September 26, 2015

  • 2

    Big Lo

    Big Lo or Lorin Sandretzki is Seattle's Biggest Fan and has been a staple at most Seattle sporting events for years. He is credited with inventing the "D-Fense" sign witch he later turned to "Sea Fense." You can't miss him slapping his sign together and screaming in the end zone!

  • 3

    Predator Hawk

    Predator Hawk, also known as Bob Vandenburg, who is a new PFUFA member does not live in Seattle but goes to a ton of away games. He now lives in Indiana but travels to most away games that are on the east coast. If you are traveling for an away game, watch for Bob. He is a blast to tailgate with!

  • 4

    Cowbell Dude

    Also known as Jimbo Sabado, he got his name from the fans. A PFUFA member, Jimbo says the people in his section kept calling him Cowbell Dude and the name stuck!

  • 5

    Hawky Chick

    Laura is the wife of fellow Super Fan Cannonball and is a crazy fan in her own right. Laura is a PFUFA member, she is also one of the best "face painters" in Seattle. Just ask Norb about that!

  • 6

    Bernie Hawk

    Paul Gates, Bernie Hawk, was inducted into the first draft class of PFUFA in 2008. (In fact, Bernie was one of the REASONS the organization created the Draft.) He is the President and founder of the Rocky Mountain Sea Hawkers, booster club chapter in Colorado, and has traveled to Seahawks home and away games for more than 20 years. He works with Colorado food and toy drives annually, and represents PFUFA and the Seahawks every day of his life.

    We all we GOT!

    Posted by Paul Gates on Sunday, February 1, 2015

  • 7

    Shannon Love

    Also known as the Sea Pimp, Shannon can be found "spreading the love" in the end zone next to his pal Big Lo. He has more suits then most people have shirts, and he is great to sit and talk too. Stop and say hi if you see him at games or Hawks events.

  • 8

    Norb Caoili

    Also known as Norb Cam, he is one of the most creative Seahawks fans out there. Originally getting famous for his Norb Cam crowd reaction videos, he has a ton of talent. Now he produces Seahawks music videos he sings, and makes mini skit movies on his website. Norb is a blast!

  • 9

    Seahawk Rooster

    Also known as Nick Goins, he is the Seahawks "Weapon of Mass Disruption" and the self proclaimed "Loudest Seattle Fan". Nick always brings the noise at games and can be found wandering the upper deck pushing fans to scream louder!

  • 10

    Tha Sea Monsta

    Also known as Duranged Pitts, he has his hands in a lot of different things. A huge fan, he also raps, designs fan clothing, and takes great pictures. Tha Monsta is also the leader and founder of "Hawk Gang".

  • 11

    Hawk in the Hat

    His name is Joe Ancheta, and he is the Hawk in the Hat. You can usually find him in Touchdown City before games or hanging out near the Hawks Nest during games.

  • 12

    Sea Hulk

    also known as Tim Froemke, the Seahulk was in the Campbell Soup commercial with Richard Sherman. One day he came to a game with a friend painted up in green, and the Sea Hulk was born. He also owns a custom Seahawks motorcycle that is amazing and he sometimes brings to games.