We don't usually get 'gator attacks in the Pacific Northwest, but we've had our fair share unbelievable run-ins with four-footed friends. See for yourself:

  • 1

    Kangaroo on the loose in Pasco

    Back in 2012 a pet kangaroo got loose alongside I-182 causing two accidents. He was a resident of Franklin County, where it was legal to own an exotic pet, but was not supposed to bring it into City of Pasco.

  • 2

    Cougar sleeping on car in Kennewick

    State Fish & Wildlife experts found a mountain lion sleeping on top of a car in a Kennewick repair shop back in 2005. They believe it had been living in the crawl space and may have been someone's pet.

  • 3

    Wallaby still missing

    On Jan. 14, 2015, a petting zoo lost its wallaby in Seattle and it was never seen again.

  • 4

    Illegal, deadly snake hybrid

    Authorities in 2013 found a diamond back bred with a rattlesnake to create a deadly hybrid.

  • 5

    Reptile Pet Cemetery

    A popular roadside attraction in Longview caught fire in 2012 killing 75 reptiles, spiders and amphibians.

  • 6

    Homeless man loses python

    A homeless man lost a 7-foot python in a Seattle park back in 2012.

  • 7

    Bellevue woman bitten by lynx

    A woman's boyfriend kept a lynx in a cage that escaped and bit her while she cleaned in 2012.

  • 8

    Lioness escaped from the zoo

    In 2011 a 12-year-old lioness escaped from her pen at the Woodland Park Zoo and roamed around a service building until capture.

  • 9

    5-year-old saved from boa constrictors

    In 2011 two large boa constrictors were seized from a Longview, Washington, apartment after they were deemed a threat to the small child who lived with them.

  • 10

    Anaconda escape

    A Longview man was allowed to keep his Burmese python and red tail boa constrictor after they escaped in 2011 but was forced to give up his anaconda.

  • 11

    Alligator spotted near Portland

    Vancouver, Washington, police were on the hunt for a small alligator in 2009 after it is believed its owner released it into the wild.

  • 12

    Police taze an emu

    An escaped emu was recaptured by police near Camas, Washington, in 2008 but was tasered before being brought into submission.

  • 13

    Hundreds of rats + starving snakes

    A woman apparently went senile after purchasing four snakes and several rats to feed them, because she decided to feed the rats and starve the snakes instead. Police say her floor was covered in rat urine and feces and the woman referred to them as her friends. The two boa constrictors, corn snake and king snake were all confiscated.