15 Traffic Violations That Drive Tri-Cities Drivers Bonkers

You'll be surprised by what the #1 traffic violation is in Tri-Cities Washington.

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We jumped on Facebook and asked you what you think the #1 traffic violation is in the Tri-Cities and you had a ton of opinions.

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The #1 Traffic Violation In The Tri-Cities Will Surprise You

I thought it was going to be speeding or tailgating but overwhelmingly, Tri-Citians picked the one thing that should be the #1 most crucial rule and it gets overlooked time and time again by Tri-Cities drivers.

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We've compiled 15 of the law-breaking violations that Tri-Cities drivers see all the time on the roadways and we'll see if you agree with us.

We've compiled some of the replies you told us on Facebook and here's what you had to say are the worst law-breaking offenses you see on the Tri-Cities highways.

15 Annoying Traffic Violations That Drive Tri-Cities Drivers Berserk

We asked you, what's the #1 traffic violation that you see in the Tri-Cities and, here's what you said: 

At the end of our impromptu survey, we discovered one common thread among all the comments and it quickly became apparent what the #1 traffic law-breaking violation that drives Tri-Cities nuts, and here is it is:

It appears that NOT using your blinkers was the #1 violation that Tri-Cities drivers see all the time.

I totally get it. I can't tell you how many times that happens to me daily and it just doesn't make sense. Of all of the rules of the roads, that should the easiest to follow.

If you really want to do your part on being a good driver in the Tri-Cities, a simple blinker use will cure most drivers' woes here in the Tri-Cities.


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