ESPN has reporters assigned to the NFL teams. They write about these teams all year. They know everything about every player and coach (literally what they look like naked). When asked for their predictions on Sunday's NFC Championship, all but the Buccaneers reporter picked Seattle to win!

The Buccaneers reporter (who arguably hasn't seen good football in years) believes Packer's running back Eddie Lacy can't be stopped. His last few games have been excellent and the Seahawks were ineffective at stopping him during their early-season encounter. Lacy will make the difference in the game he predicts, with a final score of 24-21. Note that the only expert siding with the Packers believes they'll squeak by with a single field goal.

The Packers reporter believes Aaron Rodgers has only two decent receivers, and if the Seahawks defense can stop them, he won't have anyone to throw to. The Seahawks expert was far kinder to the Packers offense, simply stating that the Packer's defense allows too many points per game, and with the Seahawks being a high-scoring team, Rodgers won't be able to keep up (remember the 2014 Super Bowl?)

The Cowboys expert says the Cowboys beat the Seahawks, and lost to the Packers. That would bode well for Green Bay, correct? Only he points out that the Cowboys did horribly at rushing the injured Aaron Rodgers. If Seahawks rush the quarterback the way they've done all season, Rodgers simply won't be able to perform at his normally-excellent level.

Yes, our office has two Green Bay fans who are not just keeping the faith, but still cocky. Even with several experts saying victory will be by a measly field goal, how can you disagree with 15 of 16 NFC football experts?