Growing up in Pasco, I would skateboard down Sylvester to the river and often catch a chihuahua along the way. There was nothing I could do, just keep rolling and hope the little dog would tire out or get bored with me.

So, I can empathize with this kid who was being followed by two puppies while skateboarding near 8th in Pasco. He didn't stop at a stop sign and was hit by a car. Luckily, he'll be okay. But the two puppies are dead.

Whenever I was chased by dogs in Pasco, I always wondered if it would be my responsibility if they got hit by a car chasing me.

The kid definitely should have stopped at the stop sign, but I don't think he should beat himself up over the dogs. Dogs get loose quite a bit in Pasco, and that's not his fault.

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