The 2012 Olympics start this Friday. Do you know which sports are played in the Olympics? Can you name 5 of them? 10? If you can name more than 12, then you are better than me. In all there are 36 different events. Yeah, I was surprised too.

My take on a few of these sports
Football - No American Football wasn't added to the Olympics. I like watching soccer anyway and when its the best players in the brainer.
Basketball -  Even though I very rarely watch the NBA, I enjoy the game itself. We'll see if the Supreme Team can live up to their self proclaimed hype.
Swimming - Probably the only time you will ever catch me watching swimming is when its an Olympic event.
Beach Volleyball - I like the ladies uniforms. Zoom in on that play call again, Mr. Cameraman.
Badminton/Table Tennis - I still find it weird that these are Olympic 'sports'. When are horseshoes, croquet, and kickball being added too? Is this a barbecue or the Olympics?
Trampoline - Hey, it's pretty fun on the Mario Vs. Sonic Wii game.
Handball - I have never actually seen this sport played. Sounds interesting.