Unless you were really paying attention you probably missed the winter 2012 X Games this past weekend. Even with the second largest attendance in Winter X history, there seemed to be very little hype this year for most of the event. Sunday night's final events in Snowmobile Best Trick and Men's Superpipe definitely made up for that.

Going into the night there were talks about a double backflip and a front flip both being pulled off in Snowmobile Best Trick, plus Shaun White was going for his 5th straight gold medal in Men's Snowboard Superpipe finals and was facing arguably his most fierce competition in a long time in a 23 year old simply known as I-Pod.

Snowmobile Best Trick didn't dissapoint, even with Justin Hoyer's arm breaking crash attempting the double back flip.

A few minutes later, after Hoyer was put onto a sled/stretcher, Heath Frisby made history with the first-ever frontflip on a snowmobile.

The wrap up for the Winter X Games each year is the Mens SuperPipe Finals. Rumors were that Iouri Podladtchikov was going to put down the first ever (in competition) Switch Backside 1260. If he would have attempted and succeeded the trick he may have had a chance to win...but Shaun White did what he has done the past 4 years and put down an insanely clean run. According to the judges, a PERFECT run. White took home his 5th straight gold medal in the event scoring a perfect 100.00.

Although most the weekend was mostly filled with great performances, Sunday night really showed what we as fans have come to expect from the X Games. Check out the video below highlighting the entire 4 day event.

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