In the 400 block of Abbot St. in Richland around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night December 30, 2020, a 55-year old man was seen on scene sporting what seemed to be a new shiner for an upcoming shiny new year.

RPD Facebook 12-31-20
RPD Facebook 12-31-20

The Richland Police Department responded to a somewhat unusual call where a homeowner reportedly knocked the snot out of an alleged drunk who had pulled his car up onto the lawn of the man's house, tried to forcibly enter the residence and promptly got his lights punched out by the homeowner, a former boxer, a pugilist, if you will.

The homeowner's boxing skills, he coulda been a contenda, ya know, left the perpetrator dazed, confused, scattered and not able to beat a standing eight count, as the initial aggressor was now pickled AND punchy, easily able to be kept at bay until the police arrived.

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Not everyone was in a laughing mood, however, as the KO'd man is also being looked at in relation to a breaking and entering report at a different Richland residence that allegedly left a bloody mess and shattered glass.

The man on the receiving end of the beat down was taken to the Benton County Jail and faces a one-two combo of charges including DUI. His name was not released.


Richland Police used the language "dropped him on the porch denying him entry" to describe what the slugger, brawler, bruiser, fighter, homeowner did to the man who dared to try and forcibly cross the threshold of his dwelling.

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