The Seahawks are facing a tough NFC opponent this Monday night against the Chicago Bears. If the Hawks do not change a few things they did last Sunday against the Broncos, they will be sitting 0-2 for the season and a bleak look at the Playoffs.

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    The Seahawks need to give Chris Carson the ball atleast 15 times or more! He looks great and I can not figure out why they only ran him 7 times last week!...7 times!

    The Hawks need to target their runs at the defensive pass rush of the Bears. The best way to stop a pass rush is to RUN RIGHT AT IT! If we can not run the ball, we have a slim chance against the emerging Bears. Even if Fluker is not playing this week, we need to have the same kind of push up front we saw in preseason to slow down Mack.

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    Last week in Denver, mistakes were made from key players that usually don't make them. Wilson was not seeing wide open receivers and was holding onto the ball too long when the pocket collapses. If he has Miller or Mack running him down, Wilson should not try to outrun them and just throw the ball away. Wilson is responsible for giving up way too many yards by taking 6 sacks for that reason.

    Bobby Wagner was blocked out of almost every play. Where was he? Bobby needs to make his presence felt if our defense stands a chance this year. Tackling in general for the team was terrible and players were missing their assignments all over the field.

    Earl has to play sound defense and can not run up on a route and leave the back line wide open for a rookie to guard by himself. That is what lead to one of Denver's touchdowns.

    We also need a pass rush to show up. Anyone will do..somebody, please anybody! Jordan, Clarke, Green,..anyone! We have to get to the QB and force him to throw the ball. He is reckless and our secondary can take advantage of that but only if he is rushed.

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    It was the biggest problem last year, and is showing it's ugly head again this year. The Seahawks have to be much better on 3rd down when on defense. Mistakes are allowing teams to consistently push down field wearing down our defense and keeping the ball from our offense.

    If we do not figure out away to end opposing teams drives quicker and have more 3 and outs, it is going to be a long season. Games are too close in the NFL to keep loosing on 3rd down like we have been.

    Overall, even with all that being said, we barely lost to the Broncos in their house even with all those mistakes. If the Seahawks can just fix a couple of things, this could be a great season.

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