Kennewick police reported 3 different attempts to lure girls this week according to news reports. On Tuesday a 10 year old girl reported that a man tried to get her to go into his house to have breakfast. She also said that he put his hand on her shoulder and then she hit him with her violin case and ran away. The man was interviewed by police but denied the encounter happened and no charges were filed.

The second encounter happened to another 10 year old girl while she was walking to her parents car at Southgate Elementary. The girl says she was approached by a middle aged woman in a car who asked her if she wanted a ride home. The Dad took a picture of the car but neither has been identified.

Then on Wednesday evening a 7 year old girl says she was approached by an older man that offered her candy and a ride home while out to get the mail. She says the man was driving a dark colored Honda Civic and had grey hair, facial hair, tattoos, and glasses. She also said there was a woman and a young boy in the car. The girl ran back to her home and told the story to her mom.